5-star amenities
We have high standards and offer a full service experience at a true licensed B&B:
• Clean, comfortable, updated style 
• Single and shared accommodations
• Private double and master-suite rooms available 
• Eat-in kitchen 
• Dining room 
• Living room with fireplace 
• Private patio and yard with organic fruit and vegetable garden
• 2 1/2  baths, shower & double tub
• Onsite parking 
• Insured transportation services ​
• WiFi 
• Big screen TV
• Exercise equipment 
• Food service
• Relaxation massage
Photo op for upside down room

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Meet your host

My name is Cathy and Spoiled Rotten is my crazy Bed & Breakfast with themed rooms and a romance package, not far from the chaos of Ottawa and it's construction and traffic.
My mission is to pamper you like crazy, something you won't find at most hotels. I want you to walk away with memories of laughing too much, feeling like you were at home and thinking, "I have to remember to tell my friends about this place".

After my six month trip staying at hippy communes, work exchanges, wwoofing, couchsurfing, hostels and working at retreats, doing things that most people only dream about, I have learned about hospitality, and the small touches that make a great home away from home.

​Upon returning home, I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening my own bed and breakfast. I've poured years of hostessing, catering and business experience into my company and I'd like to show you what a special place it is to visit. Give me a call when you are ready to be Spoiled Rotten.