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​Gardening in Ottawa, old-timer moments, pool parties and psychics

I just discovered the world's biggest and most well fed groundhog coming daily to my
smorgasbord of a garden. When I so much as take a silent picture, it's like he feels like he's
being dogged by paparazzi and he high tails it out of there like a bat outta hell. His feet
don't even touch the ground. Oh the stews I am planning! 
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How Spoiled Rotten Bed & Breakfast celebrates holidays in the Capital
This year I committed, come hell or high water, to seeing the fireworks at Petrie Island even if
I had to go alone. Thank gawd for Meetup.com and the group that was already going there.

I was also invited to dinner on Canada Day. Yeah, I know it was a pity invite, but it was fun.
When I told them I had to rush out right after dessert, my punishment was to watch the black
thunder clouds circle over my car and open up the torrential rains.
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Ottawa's first and only holistic bed & breakfast ... plus new babies and more

I recently read an article about all the quirky Airbnbs out there that the hosts have advertised their places in very unique ways. The author was quite unforgiving, but I know this concept of a
Holistic Bed & Breakfast is gold. I now have many more who are drawn to this place of energy
like moths to a light, since Like Attracts Like!
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Millennials, food & fitness ... and how this near-senior keeps in shape at the B&B
​Running a business and trying to stay in shape is a constant challenge. My best motivation to
keep fit is right after I’ve showered and weighed myself. That’s the time I should get on my bike
to go and work out. It’s also at that time that I realize, I need to be downstairs creating a food masterpiece for breakfast for my guests and I can’t go anywhere, so I don’t. By the time the
guests have checked out, so has my motivation.
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Spring is coming despite all this snow ... cooking school makes it all better
Not so long ago, there was a five-foot snow tunnel for my driveway. Pretty soon, my outdoor
sign will be covered up. [...] 
And then I took a cooking class at the Innes Road Superstore
in Orleans. I met Chef Keith. He’s a wonderful instructor that all the dames love.
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Spoiled Rotten Bed & Breakfast makes the Top-10 list in Ottawa! 

My most recent guests just told me they found my name on Trip Advisor's Top-10 Bed and Breakfasts in Ottawa! This is fantastic news and something that I have worked so hard to achieve. After worked out most of the kinks of the job, I have realized that being a great
B&B host is mostly about attitude.
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Photo by Snufkin via Pixabay.com

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